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Our Outreach

We want to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit in reaching out to the world and one another in the love of Christ. So we are open to trying new things and to working individually with members of the church to help them fulfill God's call on their lives for service to him. Similarly, we desire to help members of the church discover and use their spiritual gifts. We have listed our regular outreach efforts below.  Please contact us if you have any questions or want additional information.


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We are very committed to spreading the gospel of Christ in our own area and unto the ends of the earth. In the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) our Lord Jesus Christ commissioned us to make disciples of all the nations. This is our mission. Therefore, missions play an important part in the life of our church. We give a substantial portion of our finances to the spread of the gospel through supporting five missionary families (two are with Cru; two are with Youth With A Mission; and one is with One Challenge), who we also pray for regularly along with another missionary family that serves in the Middle east with Frontiers missions agency. In addition, we take various other opportunities to support the spread of the gospel and to help the needy as we are so lead.

Local Evangelistic Outreach

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As a body we have committed to individually and collectively seek opportunities to present Christ to the lost. Our main emphasis is on encouraging and equipping members of the church in personal and lifestyle evangelism. But we also have several corporate avenues for seeking to lead people to Christ. Even with outreach that does not have evangelism as its primary focus, we still hope for it to serve as a witness and to provide opportunity to lead any lost people we encounter to saving faith in Jesus Christ. 

  • Halloween Outreach: Every Halloween we seek to use the day to share the gospel. We have done two types of outreach over the years, sometimes both on the same night. We have offered the Hampton community a wholesome, family friendly event that is great fun and proclaims the gospel. Dressed in a variety of costumes, we welcome many neighborhood trick-or-treaters and their families as they participate in about a half-dozen fun activities and hear a brief gospel presentation. We offer refreshments to parents, and children who participate receive a bag of goodies, including an assortment of candy, a gospel message, and information about Faith Community Church. We also do reverse trick-or-treating. That involves going to houses and giving candy to people rather than taking candy from them. Along with the candy we give them a gospel message and information about the church. We are open to God’s leading each year about how we can use Halloween to share the gospel and shine the light of Christ.​

  • DOWN THE LINE Ministries: An action sports ministry to reach the local surf, skate, and snowsports communities for Christ.  See the DOWN THE LINE Ministries section below.

  • Evangelism at Hampton Beach with CRU: See the CRU Summer Mission section below.

  • Parades and town events: We also march in the town's annual Memorial Day Parade and seek to uphold a testimony to Christ in various ways in relation to the town and its events.

Down the Line Ministries

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An action sports ministry to reach the local surf, skate, and snowsports communities for Christ

Members of our church body have responded to the Lord’s call to create an action sports ministry to reach the surf, skate, and snowsports communities for Christ. Surfers, skaters, and snowboarders are an unreached people group. DOWN THE LINE Ministries is part of a global movement of action sports ministries rising up to impact the beaches, parks, and slopes with the love of Jesus Christ. Our goal: by initiating and investing in personal relationships within the community, we can live out our faith and share the hope we have in Jesus Christ. 

Down the Line's website can be found here.

Down the Line's Facebook page can be found here.

Down the Line's Instagram account can be found here


 @downthelineministries   &   @christian_skaters_new_england.

For more information, email the ministry at

Cru Summer Mission

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Every summer we are joined by a number of college students from the Cru Summer Mission (formerly called the Campus Crusade for Christ Summer Project) located at Hampton Beach. These college students are fired up for Christ and devote their summer to sharing the gospel at the beach and growing in their faith. So we take the opportunity to bless and encourage them by reaching out to them and giving them a home away from home. Various families in the church "adopt" students and act as their family for their time with us. We regularly join in their evangelistic outreaches on the beach.

Soup Kitchen

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Various local churches take turns providing food and service to the hungry at the soup kitchen at Hampton Beach ("Saint Vincent's Kitchen") located on Ashworth Avenue. We serve regularly at the kitchen, which is open from mid-October to mid-May and provides a wonderful opportunity to fulfill Jesus' call to feed the hungry and minister to the poor.

Nursing Home Ministry

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Out of a desire to fulfill God's call to visit orphans and widows in their distress (James 1:27), to minister to the needy, and to share the gospel, we hold a service once a month at a local nursing home after which we visit with the residents and pray for them. We also reach out in various ways to the residents of an elderly housing building close to our church location.


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When someone becomes a Christian, it is important that they get grounded in their faith and in the word of God. To become a Christian is to become a disciple (or follower) of the Lord Jesus Christ. Being a disciple means learning to obey all that Jesus has commanded (Matthew 28:20). Faith Community Church provides two basic stages of discipleship in addition to normal church life. 

The first is the Bible Study in Basic Christian Faith and Practice, which ideally takes place in a group context. We try to do this course in a group partly because young Christians often change so much during their first months/years of walking with Jesus that all that is really needed at the beginning in addition to regular church life is teaching on the basics. That is what this course is about. If there are not enough people to do a group study, then we try to offer alternative, individual training. 

The second stage of discipleship is individual and more intensive. It is for those who have covered the basics in some way, and desire to have individual training in godliness and relationship with Christ. 

All of this is contingent on available resources, and every case must be considered individually. Sometimes, it may be best to combine these two stages of discipleship or otherwise tailor training to an individual's situation. There is opportunity both to be discipled, and for qualified individuals, to disciple others. The Bible Study in Christian Faith and Practice covers the following topics (not necessarily in this order; some topics may take more or less than one session):

  1. The Bible: Learning and Living the Word of God

  2. Trusting Jesus as Savior

  3. Yielding to Jesus as Lord

  4. Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit (including a discussion of the Trinity)

  5. Overcoming the World, the Flesh, and the Devil

  6. Community: Becoming a Family with God and Others

  7. Growing in Holiness

  8. Growing in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit

  9. Worshiping God Wholeheartedly

  10. Discovering and Using Spiritual Gifts

  11. Serving God and Our Neighbors

  12. Serving God with Our Money

  13. Sharing Jesus with Others

  14. Eschatology (i.e. last things, including the end times)

  15. Prayer

  16. The Sacraments: Baptism and Communion


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There are opportunities for qualified individuals to teach children in Sunday school. Qualified lay people may also teach Bible studies or lead other meetings as opportunity arises. 

Worship Team

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There is opportunity for qualified individuals with a heart for leading others in worship to join our worship team. We play mostly contemporary worship music, but are open to various styles of music and worship. 

Pastoral Counseling

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Pastoral counseling is available to those who desire it.

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