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A Visitor's Perspective

Every summer a bunch of college students with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) join us for the season as they devote their time to working, growing in their faith, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ at Hampton Beach. In the past, students have had a choice between three local churches, ours being one. We were very blessed and encouraged when one of the students shared this tribute to the church with us. We hope it gives you something of a feel for the church.

~ Faith Community Church ~

It's the simple stained glass windows.

It's the letters of correspondence on the back wall bulletin board.

It's the Sunday afternoon picnics.

It's the "Welcome Crusaders" sign at the door.

It's the fellowship time with food & coffee ...
  where kids & adults crowd in a cool hallway downstairs
  that's just cramped enough to rub elbows ... and rub        hearts!

It's the children ...
  feisty, playful, innocent, 
  and touchingly innocent right now 
  of their special blessing of growing up 
  in a Christian family, that's among a body of believers.

It's the way I heard Pam speak to her children on Family Sunday,

   and I wanted to someday be a Mother like her.

It's the way I look at Paula,
  and all I can see is Jesus' grace & pure love radiating          through her.

It's the way Brian can hardly contain himself as he speaks from Philippians:
  "Rejoice in the Lord, I say, rejoice!!!"

It's a "come as you are" church that really does mean come as you are.

It's the way a new face won't leave without a warm & caring smile & sincere greeting.

It's the complete acceptance of anyone,
  from anywhere,
  with any baggage,
  not because it's politically correct,
  but because it's love ... sweet love.

It's the bare bones preaching, 
  God's Word & nothing more.

It's the raw state of worship that opens more
  for God's Spirit to move, delight, & dance.

It's the overwhelming honor & privilege I accept as God's blessing
  that I could be a small part of this church for a few            weeks 
  during one special summer of my life.

It's my joyful squeal when I remind myself that more Crusaders in years past,
  and in years to come,
  also experience this church.

It's the way God called me out of my comfort zone to attend this church this summer,
  and then proceeded to honor my step of faith 
  by lavishing His love upon me here.

It took my breath away.

It's Faith Community Church.

Thank you, Sweet Jesus.

Janna Oakes

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